5 Reasons Bunk Beds Are Popular Again

Bunk beds for kids have become a huge thing again in recent years. But who doesn’t like these double-decker beds, anyway? Little children who like climbing ladders will definitely have a lot of fun with these beds.

bunk beds for kids



Nowadays, more and more parents are choosing loft or bunk beds for little kids because of several practical reasons. Here are some of them:


If the kids’ room is small and you want to fit two or more children in it, double deck kids beds Australia has would be the perfect choice. There are beds that can accommodate three kids, which is really a huge space-saver. The extra space can be used as a study and play area, as well as a place for other furnishings.


With a loft bed with desk, you get extra shelves where you can store your kids’ stuff, like toys, books, and clothes, which is especially useful if have space constraints. And with the extra space, you get more flexibility when it comes to decorating your children’s room. Click here Fitting Furniture


Sharing a room and sleeping in bunk beds for kids means that they will have more time to bond and do things together. This will keep them bonded, helping build a better relationship between your children as they grow older.


When the time comes that you’ll roll out room improvements, loft or double-deck beds offer the most adaptability because they are usually smaller in size. This means that they can be easily moved or rearranged. Some bunks can also be converted into twin beds or couches.


Sharing means savings. Sharing a room means lower utility bills since your home doesn’t need to use electricity and heating and cooling for one more room. Plus, cleaning is much simpler.

Some parents may be concerned about the safety of these kids beds Melbourne has. Take a look at these safety tips to avoid any accidents.

  1. Make sure no children below six years old sleeps on the top bunk. Younger children tend to be more fidgety and could fall while they are sleeping.
  2. Choose a loft or bunk bed that has guardrails high and sturdy enough on both sides. These should protect your kids from falling.
  3. Place the bed where it’s not anywhere near ceiling fans, lamps, or sunroofs. The distance from the top bunk and the ceiling should be enough to allow the child to stand up on the bed.
  4. Buy a loft bed based on your children’s ages. They come with stairs or ladders that could cause falls. So make sure you consider their ages when choosing bunk beds for kids.
  5. Have a night light near the bed so kids can see when they’re climbing up or down the stairs in the middle of the night.
  6. Remind the little ones not to play on top of the upper bunk.

As you can see, bunk or loft beds add fun and create space for your home. Buy quality beds and other home and office furniture by logging on to www.fittingfurniture.com.au.